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Medicare bid winner for mail order diabetic supplies nationwide

Our Mission is to improve the health and lives of seniors nationwide by providing Top Quality Medical Supplies,
No-Hassle Home Delivery and Exceptional Patient Support.

All About All-States Medical Supply

All About All-States Medical Supply

Hassle-free service, provided by happy people

All-States Medical (ASM) is a Durable Medical Equipment provider established in 1998. We are a family owned medical supply company consisting of 45 employees in the Western North Carolina region. Based out of Fletcher, North Carolina, All-States Medical provides direct mail service to patients’ homes all over the country. Our staff features English and Spanish speaking representatives to even better serve our patients. We supply diabetic testing supplies, footwear for patients with diabetes, orthotics, pain management supplies, and breathing assistance supplies to both Medicare and private insurance recipients. Through a patient oriented approach, All-States Medical provides supplies and equipment to serve over 10,000 patients with quality, consistent, personal care to every patient we service.

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Do You Struggle With Diabetes?

Do You Struggle With Diabetes?

The one guarantee about life is that it never gets less hectic. From running to work, to school, to play practices and more, it can be difficult to get on a schedule, especially if you’re trying to make healthy eating a priority. Diabetes only throws one more wrench into your life.

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