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Our Mission is to improve the health and lives of seniors nationwide by providing Top Quality Medical Supplies,
No-Hassle Home Delivery and Exceptional Patient Support.

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All About All-States Medical Supply

All About All-States Medical Supply

Hassle-free service, provided by happy people

All-States Medical (ASM) is a Durable Medical Equipment provider established in 1998. We are a family owned medical supply company consisting of 45 employees in the Western North Carolina region. Based out of Fletcher, North Carolina, All-States Medical provides direct mail service to patients’ homes all over the country. Our staff features English and Spanish speaking representatives to even better serve our patients. We supply diabetic testing supplies, footwear for patients with diabetes, orthotics, pain management supplies, and breathing assistance supplies to both Medicare and private insurance recipients. Through a patient oriented approach, All-States Medical provides supplies and equipment to serve over 10,000 patients with quality, consistent, personal care to every patient we service.

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Do You Struggle With Chronic Pain?

Do You Struggle With Chronic Pain?

The one guarantee about life is that it never gets less hectic. From running to work, to school, keeping up with the kids and the grandkids, it can be hard to keep up if your body is in constant pain. Sometimes you don’t want to get out of bed when you hurt all over. We can provide proven pain-relief solutions to get you back on track.

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How to Get Your Doctor to Fill Out a Prescription for Knee Braces

Today we are talking about knee injuries, and what you can do about it.

Have you ever heard of a place called Couch City? Did you know there are 2.5 million new residents moving there every year?!  Sounds like a happening and hip place, right?


These people are relocating their possessions such as magazines, remote controls and salty-sweet snacks, getting ready to binge-watch House of Cards on Netflix while they wait for their knee injury to heal.

The range of diagnoses vary among these whopping 2.5 million knee injuries per year. The reason so many relocate to Couch City is not due to its great scenery and culture, but because of gnarly sprains and strains. For those aged 65 and older, knee injuries are common results from accidents around the home: falling down stairs, tripping on the ramp or landing and slipping on the floor, according to the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine.

If you’re a current resident of Couch City, you should know that there are many tools to give you back the mobility to move back to a pain free life.  At All-States Medical Supply, we have many low cost options such as our comfortable knee brace or our pain-relieving TENS unit. If you’re ready to take the first flight off your couch, keep on reading and we’ll help you decide if a knee brace is the the best solution for you.

knee brace for articleWhy a knee brace?

Since we now know that you did not move to Couch City for a higher paying job or to be closer to family, why did you move?

Maybe while you were walking your dog and taking in North Carolina’s beautiful high-country mountain scenery your dog gave a hard tug in excitement, or maybe you didn’t know that downward dog pose on your yoga DVD was going to send your knees on a downward trip to the floor.

Or does frequent knee pain land you back in Couch City often because of a fall you had a few months ago?  

Next time you walk your dog you could wear a knee brace, or next time you pop-in the yoga DVD a knee brace could provide added stability and support to try more poses. Wearing a knee brace during any physical activity is a form of preventative care you can take to treat knee instability, chronic pain, or joint inflammation.

What do you think, is a knee brace worth a try? If you have chosen our knee brace as your solution, before you buy your flight ticket out of Couch City there’s one more thing you need to know: your insurance or Medicare can pay for a knee brace if you qualify.

But in order to have your insurance pay for a knee brace, you need a prescription from your doctor…

How to Get a Doctor to Write a Prescription

Before you can have your flight ticket or knee brace to pain freedom, you must do something comparable to a flight security clearance first… a doctor’s visit. Having an honest conversation with your doctor to speak up about your knee pain experience is important because your doctor has a duty to care for your health, and that means only prescribing a product they feel will benefit you.

To help in passing your doctor’s clearance and provide them a clear understanding of the benefits of the knee brace, before your next appointment you can reach out to our support team via email at or by phone at (800) 362-0050 and request a brochure and prescription order the doctor is required to sign.

What is the process for getting a knee brace covered by insurance?

So you’ve found your solution, got your plane ticket, passed security, we now have to check your luggage…also known as insurance coverage. There are no check baggage fees for the All-States Medical Supply airline because we provide a free insurance benefits analysis to make sure your insurance will cover the knee brace. Many insurance companies, as well as Medicare, will cover knee braces, as long as it’s prescribed by a treating physician.

Also if you were able to bring a doctor’s order to your last appointment and your doctor provided a signature, you will board your flight much faster. If you did not bring a doctor’s order for your physician to sign, not to worry, our team will communicate with your doctor to obtain a completed prescription and medical necessity documentation. As soon as we receive this doctor’s completed paperwork and signature, we will ship your knee brace(s) to your doorstep and your insurance will be billed.

All-States Medical Supply can help you end your visits to Couch City that were caused by knee pain, inflammation, joint pain, weak knees or instability, by providing one of the most supportive knee braces currently on the market. Most importantly, there will not be turbulence on this flight due to the care and due diligence our team takes for each patient to make sure you will get back to doing the things you love as quickly as possible.

How to Order a Knee Brace Covered by Insurance

You have a couple of ways you can get the knee brace order started:

  • You can complete the form found here
  • You can call us at (800) 362-3344 and our team will guide you every step of the way


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We have created a FREE DVD featuring our pain management options!

Managing chronic pain is a long-term process that involves pain management solutions and products. Many patients unintentionally lower their quality of life by taking narcotic pain medication with many harmful side effects. Does your prescription for narcotic opioid pain medication affect your day-to-day lifestyle?  Has the medication caused you to never leave the couch to avoid nausea or dizziness?

The answer to ending your chronic pain will not be found if you are content with your options. Becoming pain tolerant by taking pain pills every day to get on with your life is not your only choice. There are powerful alternatives to narcotic pain medication to substitute daily pain pill usage.

Have you considered a multi-product approach to your long-term pain management? A pain relieving TENS Unit device can supplement your current medication. Or you may prefer to gradually reduce your reliance on pain medication over time. A simple solution to do this is to use a non-opioid pain relief cream to target your pain site.

Visit the TENS Unit Webpage to Learn More About Our Product

OR Call 1-800-362-0050

kneebraceLong-term chronic pain management should involve the “1% Rule:”. The 1% rule means that you improve one aspect of your life 1% each day. Your 1% improvement effort can make possibilities endless for your accomplishments in one week, one month, or one year in the future!

What kind of impact could a 1% a day improvement in your pain management make in your life?

1% per day can allow you to walk your dog an extra few blocks. Or you could play ball with your grandkids for a few more minutes when they visit.

You can reach your grand-slam goal of touring North Carolina’s historic Biltmore Estate carefree.

Take a moment and imagine feeling just 5 times better than you currently feel. Don’t you deserve to feel 10, 15, or even 20 times better?

Where would your life take you and what would you do with that new-found freedom?

Our Staff Will Help You Find a Pain Management Solution That’s Right for YOU

Call 1-800-362-0050

To support your 1% improvement, All-States Medical Supply offers non-narcotic chronic pain management solutions. These solutions are frequently available at no cost to you. Pain solutions such as a TENS Unit or back brace will not interfere with any chronic pain medication. The multi-product approach to severe pain management is the difference between becoming pain-tolerant or pain-free.

We have created a FREE DVD featuring our pain management options!

The DVD gives patients a sideline view of how our products can treat pain and provide relief. You can request the free blockbuster hit DVD in the sidebar of any All-States Medical Supply page.  

(There are no promises of a George Clooney cameo in this DVD!)

Complete This Form to Request Your FREE DVD!

All-States Medical Supply has a solution worth considering, regardless of your pain origin. We have products that can alleviate nerve pain, back pain, or any type of severe chronic pain. Did you catch that we also said earlier that we can offer your solution… at no cost?! All-States Medical Supply has improved thousands of patients’ lives due to our low to-zero cost pain relief products.  

It sounds too good to be true that you could significantly improve your quality of life in one year, AND also do it for free – yet it is!

The staff of All-States Medical Supply are trained to verify insurance eligibility in real-time during your call. Patients’ understanding their insurance’s financial coverage and copayment amount is a high priority. We want to play a major role in your 1% journey. To do this, All-States Medical Supply goes above and beyond to provide these products at no cost. Countless patients have stated that our products have helped achieve pain management goals. We want to further your progress and help you live the life you want.

artallstatesWhat if all you need is a reliable and comfortable  ankle brace or hinged knee brace, that allows you to walk a little further each day? Building up your activity levels each day can bring you to the home run you’re wishing for. Envision touring the beautiful Biltmore Estate with freedom!

Instead, what if you could have the confidence in your personal strength and endurance abilities to attend a local arts and crafts show, such as Asheville North Carolina’s
Art in the Park? You can wear an All-States Medical Supply back brace without the worry of being uncomfortable.  It has custom-fit and compression to allow you to enjoy the art stress-free.

What value would you place on being able to throw a ball one or two times more than usual with your grandchildren? Wearing a wrist brace for pain from All-States Medical Supply can build up your stamina.

Your stamina, strength, and endurance are valuable aspects of your life. You can improve these activities by 1% each day in dramatic ways, at little or no cost to you. All-States Medical Supply will serve you by rewriting your chronic pain management story.  The introduction of non-narcotic and non-opioid solutions to your pain is your new beginning.

If you would like to get a head-start on enhancing your life 1% today, give us a call at 1-800-362-0050. Or you can submit a contact form below, and we will be in touch with you soon to help you experience pain relief.

Do you want to explore All-States Medical Supply’s pain relief management tools?

Redeem a free copy of our DVD by request via telephone or webpage.

All-States Medical Supply is located in the Western North Carolina town of Fletcher. Since 2002, we have proudly served thousands of patients across the United States.

Contact Us To Order Your New Pain Management Tool Today


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A Pain Relieving Guide For The Holidays

It’s that special time of the year.  

A truly special time filled full of gratitude, delicious food, warm embraces, exciting shopping trips, and for some ambitious souls, even getting an early start on New Year’s resolutions.    

That time of the year sure is a busy time of the year!  

It’s so easy to get caught up in the fun and joy, in the anticipation to see family and friends, that all the excitement can distract us from remembering everything we actually have to be thankful for.  

We Are Grateful For The Opportunity To Serve Patients In Need Of Pain Relief

All-States Medical Supply focuses on you – your desires and goals, and we are dedicated to helping you live the life you want by getting you the pain management solutions available.  And we want you to especially make the most of your Holiday season.  


Here are real patient testimonials for TENS Units, an innovative pain management solution covered by Medicare and many private insurance providers.  It’s a great alternative to pain medications for arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia or similar discomfort.    

“When I found your site, I liked the info, products, service and return policy. How nice that you’re seeking feedback, too! That’s extremely rare. — Thanks! Amy”

“I would love to be approved to receive my own tens unit, because I need to start doing bare minimum of exercise to lose weight, and this would help A LOT! — John”

TENS Unit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Keep Your Health In Mind This Season

All those wonderful intentions, encouraged by the biggest hearts, can be so strong that sometimes we can even forget to take care of ourselves as we plan, think, and do so much for others.  But we don’t mean to.  It just happens.  We’ve all done it.  You pick up that 20 lb. turkey at the wrong angle.  Or that heavy present you knew you needed help with, but were too excited to ask for help.  Or you speed-walk through the mall to complete your “must-have” Christmas purchases.  And your body is going to feel it the next day!  But of course, it’s always worth it.  That’s always true.  But then the next day arrives, and then you really do feel it…  

But you can always take pain medications, right?  Or visit the chiropractor?  

Or tough-it-out?  And then be in pain, grimacing while singing Christmas carols?  What else can you do?

There Is Another Option, And It’s Covered By Medicare

We have nearly 15 years of experience helping patients receive TENS Units, electrodes and conductive garments.  And because many patients tell us they experience less discomfort literally within minutes of using a TENS Unit and because it’s covered by Medicare, this pain management solution could be the best gift you get (yourself!) this Holiday season!  

So despite the complex Medicare Competitive Bidding process that frequently changes and makes it hard to find providers of TENS Units and accessories, we’ve got your back.  Or just about anywhere else you may experience pain!

Have TENS Unit Questions?

Do you have a prescription from your doctor but are unsure of what to do next?  Are you  unfamiliar with how a TENS unit works?  Are you having trouble finding a TENS unit from a durable medical equipment provider?  We can help.  We’ve written about those issues here under our TENS Unit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Should NOT USE A TENS Unit?

Some people that over-do-it during the Holiday season, or any other time of the year, should not consider a TENS unit for pain management, including:

  • Women in their first weeks of pregnancy
  • Not for use on head, face, throat or neck
  • Not to be used close to body parts with metal
  • People with pacemakers, defibrillators or internal TENS units

So, if you or your loved ones are suffering from arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia or similar discomfort, but has one of these disqualifying situations, consider other pain management solutions such as prescription strength topical creams.    

Remain Pain-Free All Year Long – Easily Reorder TENS Electrodes

TENS units are very durable, but TENS unit electrodes do not last forever.  They may be accidentally damaged or wear out from substantial use which is why we offer our patients an easy reorder option.  Take a look at how easy it is to reorder electrodes.      

Be Pain-Free During The Holidays!

Enjoy your Holiday Season without pain by ordering online  now or by calling us at 1-800-362-0050 to speak with a patient care representative.  

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