TENS Unit Featured on Dr Oz

January 11th, 2013: On his program “No-Pill Pain Busters!” Dr Oz asks, “How does pain affect your life?”

Among describing chiropractic treatments and the importance of a healthy diet, Dr Oz promotes electrotherapy through the use of a TENS Unit.  He discusses how  is an excellent alternative to pain medication, and a safe, effective way of controlling many different types of pain. Dr Oz continued to explain that TENS Units are among the most trusted medical equipment for home use and are considered safe, drug-free way to control pain by the medical community. Below, we’ve listed a few examples of those who can benefit from a TENS Unit. Indications for TENS Unit (Electrotherapy) use:

  • People who may experience trouble when taking traditional paid medication.

  • Those concerned about adverse side effects or dependencies from traditional pain medication.

  • Sufferers of arthritis, back, neck, shoulder, or joint pain

  • Those dealing with acute pain, such as pain from an injury or surgery

  • RSD, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, or other nerve disorder patients

  • People looking for a safe way to manage long-term, chronic pain

Do you fall under any of those categories?  If so, click here to fill out the form and one of our patient care representatives will contact you promptly. 

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